Beer in Berlin

More pictures of grungy Berlin.  The sun came out on Sunday and Matthias and I had a late lunch at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant and then went for a walk around the 'hood.  We stumbled across possibly the best ice-cream shop I've been to in quite some time.  I had the most amazing blueberry flavour that was so good I wanted to share it with everyone just so they could understand how wonderful it was.  It had real fruit bits in it and was the deepest, darkest shade of burgandy.  I'm a little disappointed that I've only discovered the place at the end of summer, but will definitely be making the trip back there before they close for the year.  

And then we found this beer shop.  Have you ever seen so many varieties of beer in your life?  They take their beer seriously here in Berlin!  Will definitely be heading back there as well - so far my favourite beers are the wheat beers (weiseebier) and Pils (pilsner) but there are literally 100s of varieties to try here and I'm open to sampling at least a few of them.


Diana Mieczan said...

Balazs and I dont really drink beer...But sometimes its so lovely to have a glass of it:)
Have a lovely Monday, my dear:)

Jess said...

Can't go wrong with a beer on a hot summer's day!

Paul & Paula said...

I do not like beer and whenever I tell somebody they think I am kidding...
I am german and we drink lots of beer...:)

Which ice cream shop was that?


Jamie said...

Now I'm craving ice cream

its simple love said...

Mmmmm Ice cream is my weakness! Love the photographs!



Oh...you've had a makeover. I love it!
Not that I didn't like you the way you were!!!