a poem on thursday : tick tock

Tick Tock

I lay adrift on a wooden raft. Surrounded by the still, black sky of
my mind. Floating on the dark, dimpled water of time. There your face
twinkles above me. You shine. Stars so seemingly close, but
unreachable. The light glowing on my outstretched hands. Clawing at
the sky, but unable to grasp the source.

My heart ticks in time to the groan of the planks. It is a clock.
Counting not the day, but the moments since last we touched. Passion
in fingertips the world has not yet rendered. Promises unspoken by
lips that plead for fulfillment.

Tick Tock. I drift farther from your touch.
Tick Tock. Two more moments alone without you.

My heart is a clock. It's muscle and nerves the gears and pins. A
machine. A tool. But a clock is meaningless without time. Without
time, a clock would simply count. Valueless decimals discarded and
alone. My heart is a clock and you are its time. Giving purpose to a
machine empty without you. Your sweet song, the harmony to my meter.
Breathing life into the inanimate.

Tick Tock. My heart waits for you.

I lay adrift on the water of time, waiting for the currents to bring
me back to you.

- Beach Leanbh

This week Madeline Bea's prompt was Timeworn.  I stumbled across this poem and istantly feel in love. I had grand plans for a digital mixed-media piece but my week is a little crazy and it's still on the 'to do' list.  Instead a beautiful picture found at We Heart It - a great stop for when you need a little eye candy.


Kristina said...

the poem is beautiful!! and the picture even more... loving it...
ohh, I am so jealous - worktrip to NYC sounds fantastic!! I am also travelling quite often for work, but no NYC for me ;(
viele gruesse, kristina

Zoe said...

Wow, I love it. The photo is beautiful and the poem gave me goosebumps!

justinegordon said...

what a beautiful prompt for timeworn and the rest of your blog is just so lovely and interesting, thankyou for visiting mine.

alison said...

Beautiful golden shot! The poem works so well with it. Well done.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous - takes me away to another time and place - just the thing at the end of a LONG few days

Anika said...

I love this, thanks for introducing me to this poem. Did you take that photo? So beautiful!! The light and color is just amazing.

PS-I put up the link and am drawing names...going to include you in the draw if you can link to the shop and let me know your faves.

Have a good day!

Anika said...

ahhha, just saw the link on the photo...will follow it. thanks!

Dorian Susan said...

As always...love the poems you share. What a romantic verse full of longing.