I am wondering if I can quietly return to this place without too much fanfare and hoop-lah?  If I could just start again, in the middle, without too many whats, whys or hows. The middle is really where everything begins anyway. More-or-less.

Turns out that Canberra wasn't 'our place'. We're city people really and despite our initial attempts at trying to make it feel like home, it just wasn't and was never going to be. In the end we moved. It was complicated and the details are still being ironed out. I'll miss Canberra's sunsets and endless horizons but I'm already loving having coffee at the the end of the street and a milkbar around the corner.  Like I said; we're city people really.

For a while I stopped taking photographs. I picked up my camera again on holidays. It felt good. I got my camera-eye back and I thought about blogging.  And so I thought, perhaps, that I'd return.  Camera in hand. Quietly. Slowly.