A small break from the August break - not my photograph... and a few words.

Just before I had Emilia I met Beth at a "Bump's Lunch" and arranged for her to take a few photographs of our family while all four grandparents were in Berlin.  Matthias and I have very few photographs of "us" together and given that we live far from both our families the chances of us all being together again in the same place was probably going to be few and far between. Add to the mix Emilia's birth and me coincidentally meeting an Australian photographer a week before Emilia was born and, well, it seemed only right.

So five days after Emilia was born (a little crazy perhaps in hindsight!) we organised a celebratory brunch at our house and then a short walk through one of my favourite parks in Berlin. Beth joined us for the morning and took some photos - the result were some very special pictures that will forever remind me of the day and of 'my' Berlin. The picture above is one of my favourites from the day - the whole collection (including some stunning photographs of our apartment) can be seen on Beth's blog here.