20140405_Hammock, Apple Picking_003 E: Apple picking at the farm in the delightful Autumn sunshine.

20140405_Hammock, Apple Picking_019 E: In the 'hanging mat' at the farm. One of the delights of you learning English and German has been your mistranslations of words learnt in one language but not the other. I need to remember to write them down because they disappear all too quickly.
20140406_Emilia Cooking_031 E: Licking the bowl. 20140413_Dying Eggs_042 E: Eggs. 20140420_Emilia Wheelbarrow_000 E: "I'm a good chef Mama. I cooking fish and chips with caramel. Would you like some? Wet or dry?" I told you I liked caramel (in my easter eggs) and since then it has been a necessary addition to every meal cooked in your restaurant.

"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014." 

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Falling behind in the posting, but I'm still managing to keep up on the taking of photos. E is becoming an increasingly difficult subject to capture; a reluctant and mostly defiant subject with an innate sense of how to move out of frame. I'm being forced to step back.  Having said that, this last shot is one of my favourites.