Activity Book

 I made E an Activity Book for Christmas. It took me hours and hours of work. As with many crafty endeavours it took much longer than I had ever anticipated; lots of sewing long into the night using up small scraps of fabric that had been squirrelled away.  My inspiration (as so often happens these days) came from Pinterest. There are six pages but this one is "just right" for now - animal finger puppets that can be taken in and out of the barn, placed on fingers and the animals noise made to squeals of delight. It's just how I hoped it would work!


William Ricketts Sanctuary

Emilia-7835.jpg Emilia-7831.jpg Emilia-7836.jpg

Not so very long ago I took M out to visit William Rickett's sanctuary in the Dandenong ranges.  It's a funny place - a labyrinth of mossy paths criss-crossing the hillside and dotted with Catholic Church inspired Aboriginal sculptures. The sanctuary is smaller than I remembered, we managed to walk around it in half an hour or so, but the light is just as beautiful as I remember.