Random thoughts which may, or may not explain my state of being;

I'm getting married in 3 weeks.
In Sicily. To an Austrian.
The paperwork is not finalised and won't be until 4 days before the wedding.
There is an insurmountable list of things that need "doing" before I leave.
Like my tax.
And three photography assignments (Gah!)
Oh, and I'm interview for jobs for next year.
And filling out endless amounts of paperwork for said jobs.
E had an ear infection. It perforated.
Doctors, doctors, fever, rigors, no sleep, more doctors.
My little babe, who is growing up so very quickly, can now articulate how she's feeling.
And does.
"I no like Doc-tor She-wol, Mama. Mi-mi feel better. Go, Mama, Go."
Bless. Precociousness is a blessing and a curse.
Commuting 1 hour a day for work has confirmed why I (normally) choose to live and work within walking distance of each other.
I hate commuting.
Last week saw me driving 45 minutes across the city to drop (a sick) E off at Mum's house before heading back 1.5 hours in the opposite direction to go to work.
I briefly questioned my sanity.
I also said a small blessing to all mother's out there still 'mothering' their grown-up children.
The election sucks.
No seriously.
My sister is moving house and I don't have time to help her.
Ironically she is still finding time to help me with wedding related stuff.
At some point in my life I vow to repay the favour.
I need to see the dentist (it's been 5 years)
I did some wedding related knitting back in February. At the time I thought I was being perhaps a little too organised.
Now I know better.
E and her cousin's cardigans will not be knit.
At least we all have clothes.
I would like to be here more, but because of all the above I can't.
At some point in my life I will slow down and not take the most complicated route. This, I promise.