7/52, 8/52

20140215_E Sleep_003 E: Sleeping by our bedside. I keep having to remind myself that you will not being doing this when you are 18, but it would be nice to have our bedroom back.
20140222_E Clothes_005
E: You dressed yourself. The scarf was a last minute addition, which I have to admit, made the outfit almost work.
"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014." 

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A week behind. Starting work full-time with a long commute both ways caught up with me this week.  After the initial buzz of a new job and new rhythm, the reality of our new 'normal' hit me. I'm sometimes not home until 7pm and then we head full tilt into dinner, bath and bedtime before turning around and getting ready for the next day. Relaxed meal planning has been replaced by weekly 'menus' with an emphasis on slow cooked meals that can cook through the day and be ready to serve when E and M get home at five.  At the moment I feel like we're walking a delicate tightrope between order and chaos.


summer stills

20140202_fromageatrois_000 20140126_Emilia Bike_010 20140202_fromageatrois_021 20140201_Williamstown Beach_008 1. Cheese boards slowly melting at fromage a trois; it was ridiculously hot, but the cheese and cider were delicious!
2. E ever so slowly cruising on her bike in the early morning sun.
3. The bright, bright colours of a flowering gum.
4. We've been spending our weekends at Williamstown beach. The bay is shallow and gentle - perfect for sitting and just watching the world pass by.

I can't remember a summer that has been quite so hot, for so long, in some time.  Days upon days of above 30 degree weather and evenings that don't dip below 25. Our house is hot and I am thankful that during the weekdays we all three escape to play spaces and work spaces that have air-conditioning. On the weekends we get to the beach as much as possible, staying until the worst of the heat is over before heading home and sleeping with windows open and fans humming.



20140206_Mimi Pigtails_018 as Smart Object-1"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

E: All cheek, both in mind and body. After much discussion you decided you wanted to get your hair cut. It took all my strength as a mother to allow you this choice - I have so very much loved your pigtails.

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This picture looks all together green on blogger but it seems fine in Adobe Bridge and okay in Flickr. Strange?! I'm reluctant to edit it again before hitting publish and seeing how it looks 'on the web'. What do you think; have I made little E green at the gills or is it just my imagination?



20140201_Williamstown Beach_046
"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

E: Fish, Chips, Sauce. I think, if give the choice, you would eat this every meal for the rest of your life.

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