7/52, 8/52

20140215_E Sleep_003 E: Sleeping by our bedside. I keep having to remind myself that you will not being doing this when you are 18, but it would be nice to have our bedroom back.
20140222_E Clothes_005
E: You dressed yourself. The scarf was a last minute addition, which I have to admit, made the outfit almost work.
"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014." 

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A week behind. Starting work full-time with a long commute both ways caught up with me this week.  After the initial buzz of a new job and new rhythm, the reality of our new 'normal' hit me. I'm sometimes not home until 7pm and then we head full tilt into dinner, bath and bedtime before turning around and getting ready for the next day. Relaxed meal planning has been replaced by weekly 'menus' with an emphasis on slow cooked meals that can cook through the day and be ready to serve when E and M get home at five.  At the moment I feel like we're walking a delicate tightrope between order and chaos.


Stephanie said...

Cute photos! Your daughter did a good job dressing herself!

Justine said...

that is so cute! sounds like you are doing a great job juggling everything, this is such a great project.

Anonymous said...

I agree the scarf brings it all together! JW