summer stills

20140202_fromageatrois_000 20140126_Emilia Bike_010 20140202_fromageatrois_021 20140201_Williamstown Beach_008 1. Cheese boards slowly melting at fromage a trois; it was ridiculously hot, but the cheese and cider were delicious!
2. E ever so slowly cruising on her bike in the early morning sun.
3. The bright, bright colours of a flowering gum.
4. We've been spending our weekends at Williamstown beach. The bay is shallow and gentle - perfect for sitting and just watching the world pass by.

I can't remember a summer that has been quite so hot, for so long, in some time.  Days upon days of above 30 degree weather and evenings that don't dip below 25. Our house is hot and I am thankful that during the weekdays we all three escape to play spaces and work spaces that have air-conditioning. On the weekends we get to the beach as much as possible, staying until the worst of the heat is over before heading home and sleeping with windows open and fans humming.

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