So about that vest

A rainy and quite lazy weekend in Berlin meant that I made a lot of progress on the infamous vest. Many hours later, many episodes of True Blood later, the first front panel is done.  
Fair Isle vest_III
I pinned the back and the front together and we had a little "fitting session".  And you know what?  It doesn't fit.  It fits width-wise and length-wise but Matthias' arm is in the wrong position.  Or more accurately, the armhole I knitted is too small.  It sits too high under his underarm making it impossible to wear anything underneath. Gah!
fair isle vest_VI

Both the front and back panels are going to need to be re-worked with some alterations to the pattern which at the current point in time is doing my head in just thinking about.  So for now I'm officially retiring the project until I can stomach unraveling work that took a season of True Blood episdoes  to knit and  restarting the armholes again. 

Oh, and if anyone can recommend a good TV series, that'd be appreciated too.


Diana Mieczan said...

OMG you are so good with that! Looks so cute! I am watching Modern Family those days:)

Allana said...

Oh No!! I hate to say it but I'd be inclined to find someone it does fit and do another one for Mathias - I am so not the "re-doing" type I'm afraid. It is utterly gorgeous though!

urban muser said...

i have a little baby kimono that i need to finish knitting today. too bad i don't have any true blood episodes to watch along with it. love that show. nice vest!

Stephanie said...

Oh noooo! After all that work I think I agree with Allana - finding someone else to give it to. (Although I'd find it impossible to find someone to give knits to!) So sorry to hear about the vest. I don't know what I'd do in your case, really. Maybe I would rip it and start something else with the yarn.

Jamie said...

Try Veronica Mars - three seasons of awesomeness