I stumbled across this site on Wednesday after Anglea at Striking Keys linked to it.  I immediately fell in love with the site and it resonated with me for so many reasons.

I've never been particularly good at choosing words correctly.  I have some hard-wiring issue where I have a tendency to say a word that sounds very similar to the one that I want, but has a completely different meaning.  Now that I'm trying to learn German this seems to have only amplified and I'm often found searching for words and speaking a clumsy form of english.  I caught myself saying "They have often there gone" the other day and was at once both appauled and pleased.  After eight months of struggling with German grammar it appears that I'm finally beginning to "get' word order.  The fact that I'm now using it in English horrifies me.
But back to Save the Words.  This website is a lot of fun.  With words literally jumping out and you and telling you to "pick me" I  felt compelled to adopted a word.  And, feeling adventurous, I had the site randomly select one for me.  You know what it picked? - Logarithmotechny.
24/365 : Logarithmotechny
If someone was deliberately choosing "my word" I'm not sure if they could have done better.  The other thing that I'm not so crash-hot at is simple arithmitic.  The other day it took me a little while to work out why, if I left 30 euro for the cleaning lady and she worked 3 hours plus needed an additional 10 euro from when we were short the previous week, why we still only owed her 10 euro and not 20.  Simple maths - not my thing.  But, and here's the irony.  Logarithms, logistic regression, hazard ratios - that's what I do.  Oh yeah, by day I absorbe myself in logarithmotechny.


Ashley Sisk said...

I'm off to check out this site...thanks for sharing. :)

Zoe said...

Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to check it out!

Jamie said...

Off to check it out.

I've always had a problem with months. I'll think one of the J months in my head say January, but say July and won't even notice until the person I'm talking to gives me a strange look.

Kelly said...

Hmm, sounds interesting! I'll have to take a look!

Stephanie said...

That's hilarious. What a neat site.

Silver Strands said...

Heading to that site now.
Have a great weekend Clare!

Jess said...

How cool is that! I'm going to go check it out now. Oh and I need you to email me your address so I can get your Colours package out to you xx