tea time

Six days into my caffeine-free stint my caffeine headache has well and truly passed.  Good-bye Coffee Mug, Hello Tea Cup!  So far I'm sticking to a simple Green tea with the occasional Peppermint tea to keep it interesting.  To be honest I'm a little intimidated by the supermarket 'tea selection'.  So many options!  Does Apple and Cinnamon really work as a hot drink? Dandelion? It may be good for you, but I'm not really interested in drinking something that tastes like grass.  And I need options - bare in mind that I pretty much constantly have a hot drink in my hand at work.  That's roughly 4-5 cups a day, plus breakfast and after-dinner.  So we're talking about half a dozen cups, Green tea and Peppermint tea may be nice but they're not going to sustain me forever.  So people, help me out here, what are you favourite caffeine-free hot drinks?

PS. I know that Green tea isn't caffeine-free, but it contains lovely anti-oxidants and it tastes good.


Jess said...

I quite like a healtheries berry tea that we get in NZ. Herbal teas are a bit of an acquired taste I think :)

Chrissy said...

I drink cinnamon tea in the morning (but i think it has a small amount of black tea mixed in). Cinnamon tea is really good for you, it is also high in anti-oxidants.

Anonymous said...

...T2 Lemongrass and ginger is good for digestion ;-))