notes from the weekend

Finally a weekend with some sun.  So nice after weeks and weeks of rain and cloudy skies here.  We made the most of it and went for a bike ride on Saturday and explored some more parts of Berlin.  All the gardens have gone crazy with all the wet and you can almost see the plants growing.  
Yesterday we checked out another fleamarket.  Such great finds - we'll definitely be back to buy some (more) stuff.  This time it was just a really cool tea set and a table cloth, but there was so much more that I could have bought.  Ironically, Matthias and I were talking about the meaning of the word 'thrifty' on Saturday and how it differed from 'cheap' or 'miserly' or 'frugal'.  Turns out that the cool linen that I spotted as the perfect summer table cloth for our outdoor table used to be a doona cover.  I had already bought it before I realised - but no stains and with a few small adjustments I think it'll be very happy with it's new role in life.  Pretty thrifty, no?
After the fleamarket we went down to Kreuzberg and had a look at the Carnival of Culture - so many people, I reckon half of Berlin was there.  Look at the train station as we tried to head back home!  That guy in the front of the photo also makes me laugh - he just looks so unimpressed with everything, and yet so resigned to the chaos around him.

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Diana Mieczan said...

I adore treasure hunting on fleamarkets...Those photos are cool...:)
Happy Monday my dear!