A Poem on Thursday : Narration

by Emily Dickinson

An altered look about the hills;
A Tyrian light the village fills;
A wider sunrise in the dawn;
A deeper twilight on the lawn;
A print of a vermillion foot;

A purple finger on the slope;
A flippant fly upon the pane;
A spider at his trade again;
An added strut to chanticleer;
A flower expected everywhere;
An axe shrill singing in the woods;
Fern-odours on untravelled roads;

All this, and more I cannot tell;
A furtive look you know as well;
And Nicodemus' mystery
Receives its annual reply.


Diana Mieczan said...

Beautiful: the poem and the photos! Thank you for that and enjoy your day:)

Natascha Rosenberg said...

Beautiful pictures!
Thank for your comment on my blog!!
I'm glad to found you :)

ALFIE said...

gah! this post is so lovely!!!

and i love that street art in the previous post, as well :)

Silver Strands said...

Oh Clare! LOVELY!

knk said...

lovely photography each picture looks awesome

Jess said...

Oh this post is so incredibly beautiful. Both the words and the pictures!