30 after thirty : learning

This week it's all about what I want to still learn.  Because learning is never done and there is so much more I want to master - some things are big, some are small...

30. Ride a motorbike
29. Chop vegetables "like a pro"
28. Sew
27. Grow Bonsai trees
26. Play the Guitar
25. Tango and Salsa dancing
24. Understand internet code
23. Master manual mode on my camera
22. Backgammon
21. Fair isle knitting

20. Cook the perfect "nanna would be proud" Sponge Cake
19. Master German
18. Wolf-whistle
17. History of the Arab World and Moorish Europe
16. Re-learn the Piano
15. Yoga
14. Sail on the open seas (well, at least around an island)
13. Knit socks
12.Make pottery (on a wheel)
11. Viennese Waltz
10. Ride my bike without hands
9. Preserve fruit and vegetables
8. Life-drawing classes
7. Run 10km
6. Paint my left hand's fingernails without wobbling
5. Make homemade pasta
4. Build an edible, sustainable garden
3. Relax
2. re-learn French
1. Shuck oysters

What have you always wanted to learn but haven't yet got around to?

Photos: 1. Vanesse Gurzon 2.Such Pretty Things


connie said...

I read a link that said too much sun could burn some succulents :(. I will try your tips though, thank you! Do you think my sad looking plant has a chance of getting better?

And about things I want to learn...calligraphy is definitely one of them! Along with learning to ride a motorcycle. :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I have so many things on my list...like languages (French like you and Italian)...Pottery and I would love to know how to draw well :)
Such a good list..Kisses and thanks for making me think about it:)

Elle said...

my favourite is number 6!

chelsea rebecca said...

this is an awesome list!!

i definitely want to master baking a cheesecake. its like on my list of daunting things to make!! haha.
but homemade pasta would also be awesome!
and taking different dancing classes is a must!!

britni @ Antika Moda said...

Love your blog! I'm a new follower :)

Kelly and Sara said...

Currently I am working on learning how to cook!

elledee said...

what a great list, love this post!

April said...

This summer I'm going to be re-learning Italian, and hopefully learning at least ONE song on the piano! :) Great list.

Silver Strands said...

Early this year I made a list of 20 things I hope to someday do. Included are:
transfer all our family videos to dvds
transcribe journals from early in my life and have them made into books for my kids
your list is great! Good luck to you :)

Rebecca said...

i want to learn dressmaking so much. i always know exactly what i want but can never find it in the shops x x

ALFIE said...

this list is perfect. it makes me ponder the things i wish to accomplish!