KJ's Baby Cardigan

This cute little cardigan has been a very, long time in the making.  I was hoping to finish it before Easter so that I could give it to Kylie in person, but well, I was still knitting it in the car on the way up to Leeds, and also in the car on the way back, and then a little more at home.  And then I stopped.  Lost my mojo and it lay patiently waiting for blocking, weaving in the ends and sending.  But now it's done, and hopefully will be in the mail this week.  I have such a soft spot for baby knitting.  Mostly it's pretty quick to knit and so, so, cute.  Luckily there's a few more people I know having babies this year so I'll have an excuse to knit a few more and send them off in the mail.

PS.  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is as lovely to knit with as everyone says and feels so delicious.  The best bit is, it's machine washable - perfect for new mums and bubs!

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