maps galore

Ever since I was little I've been obsessed with maps.  I am terrible at reading them, but I love looking at them.  I especially love vintage maps, and everything vintage map inspired.   In my fantastical dream house, I'd have a library with an open fire and a big globe you could spin, plus half a dozen or so maps on the walls.  A-hem. When I dream, I dream big!  In the meantime I'll just oogle over these lovely etsy finds.
 Shannon Rankin makes these beautiful prints - vintage maps with embroidered thread.  Would look so lovely framed and sitting in someone's study/office.
Here's my confession for the day - my 20 year old self didn't really like Paris.  I remember feeling a little bit sheepish and embarrassed that unlike the rest of the world I didn't really "get it".  Glad to say that my 27 year old self loved it.   Armed with money, time and two lovely girl-friends we hired an apartment on I'sle de Paris and I discovered eveything there is to love about the city - coffee, cobbled stone streets, delicious crepes, art and stunning architecture at every turn.  Now I'd gladly wear this cute necklace by Carol of Rose Creek Cottage.  
My Mum bought Matthias some cufflinks for his birthday which are a little like these ones - only the places are towns near my parents' farm.  I smile everytime I see him wearing them - little pieces of 'home' travelling around the streets of Europe.  There are lots of them around on Etsy - these are by Sherry Truitt.
In case you want to document your travels, Oliver Jeffers has created this Map to World Domination where you can colour code where you've been, "headquarters" and your "next target".  Might be fun to have a competition with your nearest and dearest to see who has 'conquered' the most places on earth.  (found via exPress-o)
I think Handmade Romance has my favourite 'map' thing at the moment.  She's in the midst of planning, crafting and decorating for her wedding and as part of the decorations she's making Paper Heart Garlands from old Atlases.  Her and her partner got engaged overseas and other than looking great, it's a great reminder of all their travels together.  Probably incredibly time-consuming but the end result will, I'm sure, look fantastic.  Have you got any other favourites?

PS.  I'm travelling for the rest of the week and leaving my beloved Mac at home for my work computer (not a Mac).  Posts are planned but replies will be light on.  oxox


Diana Mieczan said...

I adore maps too...Oliver Jeffers is so great with his world domination map...I love travelling....Great post, darling!
Wish you a good trip :)

britni @ Antika Moda said...

I would love to go to Paris, haven't made it there yet...but soon!

April said...

I love maps, too! I now want to make a garland like that for my room, and make a card similar to that first picture for the friends I'm so far away from at the moment.

Jane said...

my dream house has a "feature wall" which is just a giant map, on which i plan to have pins showing places i've been/want to go.

Elizabeth said...

I loved your Paris confession. Who did you hire your apartment through?