Hare with Beetroot and Chocolate sauce

Tomorrow is a public holidays in these parts - it's Ascension Day, which is apparently when Jesus ascended back to heaven after his 're-birth' at Easter.  Good.  That a technically 'non-religious' state can have so many religious public holidays is bemusing but an extra day off I will not complain about.  Other than sleeping-in and relaxing, the plan is to cook an elborate meal for some friends.  My boxes from Australia finally arrived a few weeks ago, and with them this wonderful cookbook.  And while the recipes always sound mouth-wateringly good they often take hours to prepare.  But tomorrow, time is my friend.  So on the menu:

Entree: Warm Goats Cheese Salad
Main course: Saddle of Hare with Beetroot and Chocolate sauce served with homemade Gnocchi
Dessert: Rhubard flan

I'm a bit nervous - I'm not even sure if I like Hare.  Wish me luck!


Diana Mieczan said...

Good luck, you will do good for sure! The menu sounds great!
Kisses and have a sunny day:)

ALFIE said...

goat cheese salad?? rhubarb flan?!! sounds delish! looking forward to reading about how it all turned out!

sarah jo said...

You are on my wavelength, Clare! I just purchased some gnocchi at Dave's Fresh Pasta here in Somerville because I was too big a weenie to try making them myself. And Nate and I are talking about planting some rhubarb. If the recipes come out well, let me know! Enjoy your feast!

Wendy said...

Everything is better with chocolate sauce! Good luck with the hare, I'm sure it will be fab!

Chrissy said...


Katie said...

My mouth is watering too. But in defense of Stephanie's bible (as I hold it very dear to my heart), I don't think they often take hours... I never have hours and I use her all the time. Just to set the record straight.... xo


Come on! I'm desperate to hear how this incredible meal turned out...in particular the warm goat's cheese salad...
It all sounds insanely good!

pjmel said...

"Let's ask Stephanie" is said in our Düsseldorfian kitchen alot before meal times!

Her advice and practical by ingredient chapters are the best aren't they?