riding home

I love my ride to and from work.  It takes me past the memorial to the Berlin Wall, parks, shops and some of my favourite cafes.  Although it's only a short ride, it helps me wake-up in the morning and un-wind in the afternoon.  Yesterday I took some quick pictures from my bike so today you all get to come with me on my ride home from work.
Home!  Which is just as well, as those clouds look threatening and it's all gone very, very dark!

Have a lovely weekend ox.


Rebecca said...


ALFIE said...

that picture of the apartments is stunning!! the way the sun shines in & the trees make for a perfect photo!

Silver Strands said...

What a blessing - to enjoy your voyage to work each day! Great pictures.

Diana Mieczan said...

How fun...Your office must be so bright and lovely....I adore organic markets! Great photos my dear...Have a great day:)

cindy said...

your office looks fantastic and you pass some very important sites. thank you for visiting us and for sharing. enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend Bear and a fabulous birthday to remember.xox Jenny

jorth said...

Totally envious of your lovely bike ride!

Oh, and happy birthday!