30 after thirty : like, want, need

Birthday week - yippee!  It all starts tomorrow when two friends, Clare and Shane, arrive for a week of sight-seeing in Berlin, and of course, to celebrate my birthday.  Matthias has been asking me for a while what I want to do and I keep answering with different (but equally delicious) plans - bike-riding around Kreuzberg, picnic in the park, massage, pedicure, champagne on the Spandau canal, shopping at KaDeWe - but really I'd just be happy to hang-out on the balcony with the sun warming my back, a glass of white wine in my hand, some good music and excellent company.  

Anyway, this last list is a bit of a mixed bag - a cosmopolitan collection of wants, needs, hopes and dreams for the next 30 years.  A small slice of how I'd like my life to be when I look back at 60.

30. Have a wine cellar
29. Love
28. Own a "biscuit tin" which is usually full of homemade biscuits
27. Buy local
26. Belly-laugh every day
25. Live back in Australia 
24. Own a macro lens for my camera
23. Age gracefully
22. Teach (subject to be decided)
21. Tread lightly on the earth
20. Grow tomatoes
19. Maintain friendships
18. Have babies
17. Shuck oysters with finesse 
16. Influence health policy
15. Sell something I made with my own hands
14. Own a built-in shoe cupboard
13. Have friends over regularly for dinner and wine
12. Eat seasonally
11. Be an inspiring boss/mentor
10. Invest in good hair-cuts
9. Maintain a healthy body weight
8. Read a classic novel a year
7. Skate on a frozen lake
6. Publish my own research
5. Live in a house full of memories
4. Own a fabulous winter coat
3. Prioritise family and friends
2. Buy fresh flowers
1. Don't sweat the small stuff

PS.  It was hard - it really forced me to think about what I want and in the end I struggled to come up with 30 things.  But a great exercise.


Diana Mieczan said...

Belly-laugh every day are soooo important..I should really put that on my list too:)
Kisses and have a wonderful day daydreaming!

We Heart Books said...

A brave exercise - not sure I could come up with a list let alone put it out there. Good on you.