Dance Naked

Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know my feelings about European naked-ness.  While I've been trying to embrace the gym locker scene, I still fall mostly on the side of 'Victorian' side of preferring to stay clothed amongst strangers.  But I couldn't resist posting this photo this afternoon (Kayanna's clock found via Mixed Plate).  This clock is the real-deal - apparently it was found in a Goodwill shop!  Time to get your kit off and do the jig! 

I'm so curious to know what else the clock tells you to do.  

Have a lovely weekend ox.


Diana Mieczan said...


Diana Mieczan said...

Hahahha...Such a cool clook! I would love one like this:)
Kisses and Happy Friday:)

Rebecca said...

lol you big prude!! just before i read this post i was relentlesly teasing my daughter about nakedness. she showed me a huge atlas picture and asked where in the world i would like to be and i pointed to a desert island and told her i would live there naked and fish all day. she refused to come with me and fake cried really loudly in her room for about 10 minutes.
in britain we are supposed to be prudish i suppose but at the gym today all the ladies were wandreing round naked, chatting and drying their hair. they would never do that infront of the men though, ever!

Rebecca said...

love the clock by the way. we are a naked house, much to my daughters distain so it would go down well here.

ALFIE said...

i want this clock in a million ways!

what a fun & genius creation.

thanks for sharing!!!!