the wood by charlotte bronte

The Wood
by Charlotte Bronte

But two miles more, and then we rest!
Well, there is still an hour of day,
And long the brightness of the West
Will light us on our devious way;
Sit then, awhile, here in this wood--
So total is the solitude,
We safely may delay.

These massive roots afford a seat,
Which seems for weary travellers made.
There rest. The air is soft and sweet
In this sequestered forest glade,
And there are scents of flowers around,
The evening dew draws from the ground;
How soothingly they spread!


Elizabeth said...

Lovely. I just bought the works of all the Bronte siblings on my Kindle...it's an obsession :)

Clare B said...

I've only just discovered Charlotte Bronte and her poems (not her books). They're lovely but quite long - I think the Wood is actually 10 or so verses, but beautiful all the same!