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My sister just sent me an email reminding me that Magnolia Square is running this Thursday - Saturday at St Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne.  When I was back in Australia last year, everything new, cool and funky that Katie had (and I wanted) was bought at Magnolia Square.  Almost all her Christmas presents were bought there and she had clothes for her two boys, clothes for her, necklaces, earings - it seemed that almost every conversation went something along the lines of "Where did you get that?" "Oh, Magnolia Square".  Luckily I wasn't completely left out - the stool in the middle is currently being shipped to Germany as an early birthday present.  

And now it's on again.  Katie and Lou will be reading stories to the little ones, they'll be cupcakes and coffee, and lots and lots of things that you want, need and have to have!  And they're all made by small, funky, independent and crafty kids who want to share their stuff with you.  It's kinda like Etsy, only you get to meet the people in real life :) So Melbournites, what are you waiting for?


Elizabeth said...

Etsy in real life sounds awesome!

rowan said...

Thanks Clare... Hopefully you might be here for one later in the year - October 21-23 or Dec 2-4?? xo