What's in a name?

After much umming and ahhing about the issue I've decided to change my blog name.  Just slightly, but change never-the-less.  When I first started blogging I thought my audience would mostly be friends and family and the name 'Lady B' seemed appropriate for a number of reasons.  It was a nick-name that I was attached to, and it also somehow played into the silliness that I was about to embark on attending an Ivy League school in the US to do my master in public health.  Two years and three continents later I'm living in Berlin and the name doesn't really seem relevant anymore.  I'm still Lady B to some very good friends, but I'm also Clare, Frau Barnett, Dr.B and Bear.  So a change to L.B.  Same blog, same web address, slightly different name.  Hope you don't mind.


emma said...

don't mind at all :) and i love your header picture with those gorgeous paper fans!

Veronica said...

Don't forget about "Clahhh"