the spring shoe

As I was taking pictures this morning of my wonderful spring shoes, Matthias said, "More on the shoe?"  He still has much to learn about my love affair with shoes... although he has heard and seen me show it to almost everyone I've skyped with in the last week, so perhaps it was a fair statement.  But here it is;
Clearly I'm no shoe photographer yet, but you get the idea.  It not what I envisaged, but I love it and once I've softened the leather it will be a wonderful, get around Berlin in Spring shoe.  

And in a rather blond moment, I got completely confused as I was paying when the shopkeeper asked me to give him my phone number, to which I repiled "My number? What for?" and then "But I'm not thirsty", until the penny dropped and I realised the the poor man was trying to ask me out for a drink.  And I was embarrassed and he was embarrassed and we both were awkward.  These things never happen to me (the asking of the number, not to complete failure to understand what was going on - that happens frequently) and I wondered how the rest of the world coped with these moments of teenage embarrassment. It was definitely a cringe worthy, fall-into-a-pit-that-has-just-opened-up-and-disappear kind of moment.  And funny.  And a nice compliment.  But none-the-less embarrassing.

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emma said...

oh they are worth talking about all the time
i love the criss-cross on the front and the colour! so perfect for spring. im dreading autumn :(