dreaming of the weekend

This weekend I'm:

Watching: Same, same but different - a german film (yikes!)
Visiting: One of Berlin's state museums (got give the museum pass a work-out)
Cooking: Chicken pot pie (I'm craving home comforts and we have 1/2 a chicken left from Matthias' roast...mmmm)
Listening: Not sure - got a new music suggestions? I'm all out of newbies
Reading: In Alexanderplatz by Doblin (when in Rome...)

And hopefully taking lots of lovely pictures of all of the above!  Have a lovely weekend. 


Joslyn said...

oooh this weekend we're hitting the museum as well...albeit in Ft. Worth and not Berlin, but a museum nonetheless ;-)

Jess said...

Sounds like a great weekend, I hope you have a lovely time :D

Sue said...

Just before this weekend I had to change MTC tickets and being in town popped in to the NGV and saw an exhibition called 'Love, loss and intimacy'. It ended up being just me and one other woman and a wonderful guide - so lots more interaction than usual on a floor tour. Not often I look closely at and spend so much time with drawings and lithographs and it was an enjoyable intellectual exercise, but in the end I thought the exhibition title was pretty much the curator's construct.
Then yesterday Malcolm and I went to Bendigo Art Gallery's current exhibition - "HILDA RIX NICHOLAS - The man for the job". An Australian artist but I had never heard of her. Trying to recontruct her life - told obliquely with huge gaps through the clumsy exhibition text, left lots of questions, so I now have someone else to research.
And the rest of the weekend we have watched as REAL RAIN has soaked the parched earth at Crown Hill. It may spell disaster for the grapes but it was wonderful.