A Poem on Thursday

Hildy by Jeanene Engelhardt

My Hen, Hildy, has a secret, 
Of the most amazing kind, 
For Easter she laid patterned eggs, 
That she, herself, designed:
Eggs with diamonds, 
Eggs with stars, 
Eggs with twinkly-winkly bars, 
Eggs with crescents, 
Eggs with flowers, 
And two eggs with rainbow showers!

My hen, Hildy, is a marvel,
She's a darling and a dear.
Best of all, she's promised me
To lay them every year!

This week is all about eggs.  The first assignment of C&C Photography is about framing the egg.  I woke up this morning and for the first time in weeks the sun was streaming into our living room - perfect for (hopefully) some interesting egg photos on black and white backgrounds.  Plus the shops are fully of eggs at the moment.  Not so many chocolate eggs (although there are definitely them as well) but also eggs for dying and blowing and boiling.  Easter has never really been a big celebration for me, but it's interesting to see how differently it's celebrated here compared with Australia.  

With all this egg-business going on, I really wanted an "egg poem" this week.  And this is what I found.  It's not exactly what I wanted, but there is a definite lack of egg related poems out there.  Excluding Robert Frost's "The Egg and the Machine" which I don't like very much.  And I do like the idea of Hildy the Hen sitting in her coup thinking about all the lovely patterns she could "paint" on her eggs.


Nijola said...

Lithuania Easter family holiday.
Beautiful Easter eggs.
Finally, it is spring, melting snow, a lot of water.
I have put the egg into the water and took pictures:)
My blog http://nijola-foto.blogspot.com/

Sue said...

One Egg = One Day
by Fran Crawford

I have a picture of an egg
Painted by a friend
It's what I see to start each day
Hanging there at my bed's end

A day is like an egg, you know
Self-contained within its shell
Filled with energy and purpose
And yet remains so very frail

To free the many options here
A crack is all it takes
The shell turns loose potential
Like the dawn as each day breaks

The fate of either is our choice
The egg ...to hatch ...or boil ...or fry
The day ...to fill with worthwhile tasks
Or just enjoy as life goes by

All of our days, as all of our eggs
Are ours to use, but listen, folks
Beware of how you handle them
Some of them have double yolks!

Do eggs and ohilosophy mix? Hmm ...