decorating eggs

Here's my confession for the day.  I've never dyed and decorated eggs before.  At least I don't remember doing it.  In fact, I can't really remember any of my friends doing it as a kid either, so perhaps it's not an Australian thing.  The only person I knew who dyed eggs was Diane Apostolopoulos and I guess I always assumed it was because she was Greek.  She also celebrated easter at a different time and with a child's logic I assumed that decorating eggs and celebrating easter two weeks later than everyone else went together.  But I digress - apparently decorating eggs is not only for greeks, but actually quite common.  And as a first step toward celebrating easter in a european fashion we decorated eggs last night.  It was so much fun (just look at the concentration on Matthias' face!), but honestly I think we need some more practise.  We didn't wait long enough for the hot water to cool before putting our eggs in the dye.  The wax melted and shifted resulting in blurry stripes and dots and letters instead of beautiful patterns.  And I think you need a different wax - I don't think Vanilla scented incense candles were really meant to be used for egg decorating.  But... so much fun.  It'll definitely be happening again next year, only this time I'll be more prepared.


Jess said...

I have never painted eggs before, so maybe its not a NZ thing either. Hope you have a great Easter x

OneCraftyFox said...

Your eggs turned out great! I have family just outside of Berlin. I have lived in Canada for over 20 years but went back to visit a few times, the last being in August :)

Frohe Ostern! tee hee