seeing red

I love red.  My eye's naturally gravitate towards everything red.  Love to wear it, love to own it (our couch is red). And at the moment, more than ever, everything I want is red.  So here's a selection of my favourites from Flickr for a sleepy Sunday morning.  Compiled using Big Huge Labs, a tip passed on from Bess at The English Muffin. I may just have a small "blog crush" on The English Muffin at the moment - such a beautiful blog!

1. Summer Berries Red Current01, 2. Shades of Inspiration ~ Red & White, 3. 57-365 Wear Red to Work Day, 4. fairytale balloons, 5. 117/365 post your dreams, 6. Red Sailing Boat, 7. red lanterns, 8. This Week's Task: Christmas Garland, 9. Japanese Paper - Blues and Reds

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Sue said...

And a favourite book / film would have to be 'The Red Balloon'!