attack of the grumbles

I'm an organised person. Mostly. I like lists.  I like dead-lines and I generally keep to them. If you want to put me in a category, mostly I'm in the "prefer to be early, rather than late" box.  I was that annoying person at school who always had her assignments done before the due date.  I never really understood extensions.  My boss is not one of those people.  He's late.  *grumble* Everything he does is late. He had a deadline for Friday to give me something (which needs to be done by Tuesday) and I'm still waiting for it. *grumble* There will be no extension on the Tuesday deadline.  So I'm waiting and watching the time and recalculating my afternoon (did I mention I'm a planner) and working out what can go *grumble* (run and grocery shopping are already gone) so that I can work late *grumble* and not miss Kraminski on Air tonight.

I got a big case of the grumbles and there is nothing I can do about it. Humph!  

By the way, I found the beautiful print above on etsy while waiting for my boss to send me the document and it just about captures my mood perfectly.

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