snail mail

Keeping with the 'Keats' love letters theme, I've been thinking a bit about snail mail and letters and how it's just so, so nice to receive a card, or somethin' in the mail.  Now that I've gone and got a desk job I spent literally hours in front of the computer writing emails and reports and sending them off into the universe.  Sometimes I feel like we've lost the art of letter writing and sending cards.  But there are so many beautiful cards out there - here are a few of my favourites from etsy.


Sue said...

There is still great joy in searching and finding the right card for the right person. And we all need to recognise when someone has made that special effort.

A Girl Called E said...

those cards are lovely!
im guilty of reaching for the $1 cards in the cheapie stores too often but these make me regret it!