Si An

One of the things I've really fallen in love with since moving to Berlin is the Vietnamese retaurants.  Last night we tried out a new one - Si An.  It's tucked away up a street close to home and you can see the lanterns waving in the distance just before the faint smell of incence, mint, corriander and ginger guides you to the door.  Inside are little communal tables and although it was busy, the place exudes a quiet calm so that even though we were only sitting 50cm away from the next guests we were able to chat without feeling disturbed or disturbing.

They serve the traditional Vietnamese fair of Pho and Glassnoodle salad, plus some really delicious fresh teas made with fresh herbs, galangal, ginger root and liquorice root.  Fresh, simple, clean tasting food - perfect for a mid-week meal!

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