herb garden

All images from google.

I bought a small pot of Rosemary over the weekend.  I used a couple of sprigs in the risotto I made and it was so, very nice to be able to cut herbs fresh from the plant and put them straight into my cooking.  Currently the pot is sitting on the window sill of the kitchen, but I think it'll soon be joined by a few more friends.  

Our balcony is very bare at the moment, but I'm thinking a tin tub of herbs like the bottom picture would be perfect - there's at least 7-8 different tucked in there and they all look very happy.  I also like the idea of the red coloured pots - our balcony is completely white and definitely could do with some additional colour.  And then perhaps a couple of small plants could stay on the kitchen widow sill as well - with maybe a flower or two to make everything smell nice.


handmade romance said...

we have a little garden on our window sill. it doesnt always grow so well but i love it. recently ive been thinking of getting a few indoor plants but im not really a green thumb. the pic with the red tins has left me inspired though. unfortunately the possums eat anything on our little balcony : )

Jane said...

next time you'll have something to show rowan when he asks "clare, where's your garden?"!!!