Winter Garden

Winter Garden by Cheryl Magic-Lady
In winter's cold and sparkling snow,
The garden in my mind does grow.
I look outside to blinding white,
And see my tulips blooming bright.
And over there a sweet carnation,
Softly scents my imagination.

On this cold and freezing day,
The Russian sage does gently sway,
And miniature roses perfume the air,
I can see them blooming there.
Though days are short, my vision's clear.
And through the snow, the buds appear.

In my mind, clematis climbs,
And morning glories do entwine.
Woodland phlox and scarlet pinks,
Replace the frost, if I just blink.
My inner eye sees past the snow.
And in my mind, my garden grows.

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Sue said...

I have struggled to find a 'winter poem' that reflects the Australian calendar. The following one was written from this side of the world, but in the days before global warming - oh for days of rain on end!

Winter Rain
© Garth Dutton 2004

Listen to the rain, the winter rain,
as it falls on the iron roof.
It’s been a week now
and it has only occasionally stopped.
Farm dams are full
and creeks are overflowing.
Listen to the rain, the winter rain.

Listen to the rain, the winter rain.
Hens scurry for shelter from a heavier shower
and retreat to the dryness of the henhouse.
Listen to the rain, the winter rain.

Listen to the rain, the winter rain.
and think of fields
all yellow with soursobs,
and semi-desert hills
all purple with Salvation Jane.
Not beauty in the eyes of many,
but weeds of the ploughed land and pasture.
Wild flowers,
not yet wildflowers.
Listen to the rain, the winter rain.