Berlinale starts tomorrow.  I've been quietly scanning the programme trying to work out what I should see. Definitely on the list is this:

Bran Nue Dae is playing, as a once off, on Sunday.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am and you can be sure that I'll be in the (internet) line waiting.
I'm also thinking about;
In the Air (USA 2009) 
A Perm (Korea, 2009)
Derby (Romania, 2010) 
Derby is on the top of my list - here's what Berlinale says:

"Mircea has a 15 year old daughter whose boyfriend is invited to dine with the family. He arrives earlier and they go to her bedroom. While watching TV, Mircea can hear his daughter moaning from her room. They start dinner and Mircea finds out that the boyfriend supports a different football team."

Makes me giggle just thinking about it - eastern european, budget movie with everything unravelling over Football.  

I think my favourite thing about International Film Festivals is that you never really know what your going to get.  I remember sitting through one film where the only thing that was said was 'Bonjour' for the whole 90 minutes.  It was slow, it was strange, but it definitely made me think.  What are your 'film festival' favourites?

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