I made some changes to the blog.  What do you think?

And because I promised...


Sue said...

I love the window! And the wine boxes will be great. Not quite so sure about the rearrangement of the blog - I liked the old order - but then perhaps I am just getting old and resistant to change. But just to keep up the exchange ... a poem, anonymous author - found by lateral, random searching.

A Passion For Order

I came late to the passion for order,

Lawns neatly mowed in straight lines or circles,

Fastidious coffee-making at 6:00 AM

Ritualized with fine beans, careful grinding and brewing;

Eyebrows and nose-hairs neatly trimmed,

A fly precisely cast, drifted to the rising fish;

It seems a bit late, a rear-guard retreat

In a battle already lost,

Bringing order to random corners

Seems an odd endeavor in a

Wildly shattering world.

Not that I am saying that either you or I came late to liking order.

Jane said...

i agree with mum, i liked the old layout. but i do like the new "profile description" and picture of you.

the yellow scarf looks great! very impressive.

Katie said...

Hmmm, I'm with Jane. And the Happy Places list is a bit hard to navigate. Just checked out your Ravelry page, very cool too.