As far as proposals go, Mr Darcy's first one was really pretty awful.  

(2005 BBC Version) "In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. In declaring myself thus I’m fully aware that I will be going expressly against the wishes of my family, my friends, and, I hardly need add, my own better judgement. The relative situation of our families is such that any alliance between us must be regarded as a highly reprehensible connection. Indeed, as a rational man I cannot but regard it as such myself, but it cannot be helped."

But still - there is something so wonderfully romantic about such a pathetic attempt at declaring his love for the wonderful Miss Elizabeth Bennett!  While daydreaming about all the wonderful things that I could buy on Etsy last week, I stumbled across Brookish's shop.  Mr Darcy's proposal on your coffee mug, or tea towel.  Almost too much for a Pride and Prejudice lover to bear!


Christie said...

How funny that you have posted twice this week about Pride and Prejudice, Clare - after many years on my "Must Do Before I Die" list, I am finally reading it and have read the exact passage you have quoted just last night!

Sue said...

What a great present for a sister who likes Jane Austen, is probably a romantic and may move out of home soon! But not a surprise as she will probably read this! How poor the world without romance, however misguided.

Clare B said...

Christie, so glad that you're reading Pride and Prejudice. I'm currently reading "A Scarlet Letter" after many years of having it on my list and am really enjoying it too. Although I think I still prefer the slightly light-hearted English 'chick-lit' classics to the more puritanical New England stuff.