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The last two days I've had the "sorrys" - put simply, I've been feeling very sorry for myself.  Because sometimes this living-in-another-country business is hard.  I don't understand the language . Mostly I don't mind because I'm learning quite quickly.  But sometimes I just want to walk into a shop and order what I want and get what I want (the other day I thought I ordered one chicken Maryland, cut into two and instead ended up with two Marylands in two different bags - both me and the butcher were slightly perplexed).  I often get treated like I'm an idiot and the intellectual snob in me gets frustrated, arrogant and a little petulant that someone who might not have finished secondary school is treating "me" like a 2 year old.  I rely on Matthias to make my phonecalls and write my emails to the seemingly endless number of businesses and government departments that you need to talk to when moving to a new country. 

And none of this usually bothers me.  But yesterday it did. (Boo!)

There may have been tears (double boo!)

So today I'm taking myself to a virtual Tea Party, filled with lots of lovely Etsy finds.  Because right now, that's what I'd like to be doing.  Having a tea party - Alice in Wonderland style.  "A Very Happy Un-Birthday to Me!"

The last two are not really essential for a Tea Party, but they're so lovely that I couldn't resist posting them too.

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Sue said...

On the subject of tea - some words to sooth your soul ... and remember these temporary trials and tribulations serve to make you a stronger and more understanding person.

"The first cup caresses my dry lips and throat, The second shatters the walls of my lonely sadness,
The third searches the dry rivulets of my soul to find the stories of five thousand scrolls. With the fourth the pain of past injustice vanishes through my pores.
The fifth purifies my flesh and bone.
With the sixth I am in touch with the immortals.
The seventh gives such pleasure I can hardly bear. The fresh wind blows through my wings
As I make my way to Penglai.*
Lu Tong (A.D. 618-907) Tang Dynasty.
(*Penglai, a mountain in China, was the traditional home of the immortals.)
He must have had a big teapot and some pretty special tea!