spring shoes

A month ago I joined the gym.  And a month ago tomorrow I set myself the challenge of going to the gym three times a week for four weeks.  If I was successful I was allowed to buy myself a pair of shoes.  A pair of cool, silly, whimisical, 'Spring' shoes that I could look at and say - "these are not particularly practical for X, Y and Z, but I love them and I bought them because I went to the gym regularly for a month".  And, folks, the challenge worked.  There were days when what I really wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch a movie, but I thought - "if I don't go today, then the next time I can go is -xxxx- and then I won't have gone three times in the week, and then I can't buy my shoes."  And with this I quickly scampered off the couch and sweated it out at the gym.  

And now the day has come.  Shoe day.  And this is what I want.  A quirky, lace-up, peep-toe, leather or suede shoe with a small heel that I can wear with colourful tights, skirts and the ever-go-to jeans.

And they'll be a new challenge for March...


Tillie said...

Oh my! What a sweet blog! I love all of these shoes, and i also love this idea. I think I shall try to challenge myself in this way... except, im likely to just buy the shoes anyway! haha.

Congratulations :)

A Girl Called E said...

wow - you're good!
i can talk myself out of ANYTHING so i'm very impressed
and i want all those shoes!

handmade romance said...

great idea i should really give this a go for motivation to exercise also! but perhaps ill be a bit like tillie : )
love the shoes you have your eye on. which ones did you end up getting ?