My gym has a sauna.  It's unisex.  And you 'sauna' naked.  I'm not completely sure that I'm grown-up enough or mature enough to handle naked-sauna with girls and  boys (gasp!)'Naked sauna' feels a little bit "naughty" and I'm torn between pretending that I'm cool enough and sophisticated enough to sit naked in a room full of strangers, and wanting to cover-up and yell "Are you all mad?  There is no way in the world I feel comfortable enough in my skin to sit naked with you lot."    

Matthias thinks I'm mad and this obsession with being clothed amongst strangers is perculiar and clear evidence that I'm "Anglo-American".  He thinks I should get over my prudish sensibilities and enjoy being naked.  I'd be happy to let it stand (with me enjoying the sensation of being covered amongst strangers, and him enjoying sauna), except that I think I've decided that I like sauna.  Especially in winter when you feel your insides warming up and you sweat and it feels so, so good.  

So I'm going to be brave and pretend I'm cosmpolitan and take my towel and  venture into the naked-sauna... one day. Soon.

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Veronica said...

ew! i'm with you.