potholder swap 2010

Perhaps against my better judgement I have joined up for the 2010 Potholder Swap.  I haven't really done much crochet before and I'm a little worried that my finished 'potholders' won't be good enough.  But I'm going to give it a try.

I've already had to change patterns as my first attempt at something that I thought was 'simple' resulted in a disaster.  I'm doing much better on my second attempt.  A simpler pattern with step-by-step tutorials from the wonderful Meet Me at Mikes' blog have really helped me get into the swing of 'hooking'.  Meet Me at Mikes' has a fantastic set of how to make a Granny Square videos which are so self-explanatory you can follow them without listening to the sound, which means I can keep listening to my Podcast's as a I follow along. 

I need to have made five (5!) potholders by the 27th March.  Soon!

If you're interested in getting involved or checking out what's being made, there's a Raverly page or Flickr group for the swap.  The best part is you don't need to be on either site to join - just have your potholders delivered by 27th March.  

Wish me luck!


emma said...

That sounds ridiculously fun!! But alas I can't crochet for the life of me. Think you have inspired me to try though... I have a crochet hook sitting at home just waiting too. I'm just always getting myself in a mess with knitting, needing mum to undo and redo rows of my mistakes, so I'm scared crocheting will be much the same!

Sue said...

Clare, it's just as well spring is on its way - I think the northern winter has finally started to seep into your brain! What a thing to do - it conjures up images of 1950s aprons and other kitsch! Safer to stick to scarves and hats and mittens!

lisette said...

I'm so busy but it sounds so nice!! Lovely blog you have!