Heart 'Scratchies'

I have ambivalent feelings about Valentine's day.  On the one hand it can be a really lovely and romantic day.  But then you don't really need a 'day' to tell people that they're loved.  And I absolutely don't buy into the whole dinner, flowers, chocolates etc etc commercial aspect of it.  I once had a dinner at a restaurant on Valentine's day and I think it was the most unromantic 'date' I've ever had.  
But...  I couldn't resist making these "scratchie" Teddy Bears for Valentine's day this year.  So easy and I think I had as much fun making them as Matthias had choosing and scratching off his "winning" bear.  ArtMind has a tutorial for how to make them.  The teddy bear is a ClipArt image that I printed out and stuck on some brown paper.  You then write your message and put clear contact over the paper.  The red paint is one part detergent, two parts acrylic paint.  It actually took a few coats of paint - but I just had them lying on the table and did an extra coat of paint everytime I walked past.  And it worked!  Scratched off beautifully!

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