saturday market

Images from the market this morning.  Roses, tulips, spices, fruit, veg, cheese... all so fresh and yummy.  The snow has almost completely melted now and I'm half expecting to see buds on the trees - the bird defintely think its spring.  I woke up this morning to a riot of bird calls outside my window.  It's so nice to see the city coming alive again after a long, cold winter.  

And I bought my shoes today!  They're not what I thought I wanted, but I love them.  I think I might wear them out tonight when we go out for dinner with a friend who's visiting from Vienna.  Happy days.

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Sue said...

There are many versions of an 'Ode to Spring' but this is the one I liked:

Ode To Spring - by Gideon Brown

Fade away oh frozen winter
For you a panting breath
To stay asleep until December
Is now your final quest
O' breeze how nice it is
To meet you here at last
To hear the crickets melody
To hide away the past
O' Lush green hill roll as you are
Into infinity
You strike a note upon my heart
As like a symphony
O' evergreen revive yourself
As if you never slept
Stand straight again as you once were
As though my heart had never wept
The spring and all its clarity
is steeling me away
My king and all his majesty
Is turning me to clay.
Copyright © 2009