playing with shadows at the pergamon museum

This weekend I bought the annual pass to the Staadtliche Museen zu Berlin (Berlin's State Museums).  For 80 euro it gives me full access to the 17 state-owned Museums, including all of the museum's on Museuminsel.  Given that entrance to most of these museum's costs around 10 euro a visit, I think this is a pretty good deal and I'm hoping to take full advantage of being able to pop in and out of the museums as I like.  

As much as I love visiting museum's I always find myself waning in attention a little, especially when it involves looking at ancient greek and roman art.  So with audioguide in hand and camera at the ready I set myself the task of playing with the light and shadows as I wandered around learning about the ancient city of Pergamon and all its relics.
Reflections in the pool
Light and Dark
reflections of war
Cupid sleeping
looking through the glass
three wise men


Sue said...

Really love the tiled panel of the three wise men. Is it Assyrian?

Clare B said...

I'm not sure if it's exactly the three wise men - but it really reminded me of it. It was in the section with a lot of information about Babl and Babylon so I think it's probably Perssian or Assyiran. Pergamon also hosts the Islamic Art Museum (upstairs) I left it for another visit (perhaps in June?)