Sans Soucci Park

On one of the first lovely spring days in Berlin there's nothing better than a trip to Potsdam to visit the Prussian Summer Palaces.  Beautiful parks, fountains and stunning vistas at every turn.  Even the inside on the New Palace turns up some lovely suprises.
Half way between the New Palace and Sans Souci is a lovely little Chinese Tea House - I imagine, if I were a princess living in these enormous grounds that this would have been one of my favourite places to stop on a sunny afternoon for some cool ice tea, and perhaps a boardgame or two.
But thankfully I am not a princess of the 1800s, but a girl of the modern age and on this occasion we chose a stronger brew.  One of the German variety, but not beer this time, but a lovely white Gruener Vetliner (my favourite) shared with my parents in Kreuzberg before a very delicious meal on our balcony. 
Hello Sunshine.  I've missed you!


Diana Mieczan said...

Such a great photos...and your parents are so lovely:) You making me want to visit Berlin again!!! So beautiful:)
Kisses darling

Anonymous said...

been looking forward to seeing a photo of mum and dad...jw

Katie said...

Nice shirt! ;) Great photos - I think I NEED a macro-lens...

Silver Strands said...

Another post filled with great photos Clare!