mixed media

I'm currently thinking about what my next 'creative' project will be and contemplating experimenting with mixed media.  It seems to be the perfect way to combine my love of paper, photography and vintage, as well as  sing up all the tiny bits and pieces of "things" that I tend to keep because I can't bare to throw them out.  There are so many great artists inspiring me at the moment, but here are two of my favourites.
Labokoff creates these stunning digitally patined photographs of Paris and the surrounding countryside.  She has an etsy store and website where she sells her prints.  I think these would look great as a set hanging framed on a wall somewhere.  There is such a poetic feel to all of her work and yet its somehow still very much grounded in this world. 
I also love this mixed media print by Liesl Pfeffer, also found on etsy.  Liesl is based in Australia but currently travelling around the states on holidays.  Check out her cute blog for more about her art and travels. I really, really like the print below - so much so I'm close to buying on as a belated birthday present to myself.
 What are your feelings on mixed media? Love it or loathe it? Any favourite artists?


Diana Mieczan said...

I really like those prints...I love it!!!

Silver Strands said...


ALFIE said...

oooooOOOOooo! these are lovely!

and thanks for the tips on biscuit making. i was hearing your grandma's words of advice too :)

Stella said...

Hey, thanks for your sweet comments on my page! Yeah, we're pretty shameless when it comes to cheesy photo ops, we like to camp it up a bit! I don't think the Christmas Sweater photo will be an exception... Love your blog by the way, might have a look around! x

knack said...

I love mixed media......and these prints are gorgeous!