etsy love

I thought I had well and truly left my crochet mojo behind with the potholders, but it seems that it's back.  You see, I've seen a few crochet "adorned" clothes popping up here and there in the shops this summer.  Every time I  see them, I hear a little voice in my head saying "You know, you could make something like that.  You could buy a plain t-shirt and crochet a few bits and pieces , sew it together and 'Prest-o'.  It - you - would look fabulous (darling). And everyone would ask you where you'd bought your t-shirt and you'd be able to say you made it. More fabulous-ness (sweetie)."  It's usually at this point that grumble-bum, negative Clare steps in and protests away loudly with disclaimers about it taking too long, not having enough time, it looking silly in the end etc etc etc.  Thankfully the celestial stars must be favouring my positive vibes because I've been checking out what's on Etsy.  I've even gone so far as to delve into my statsh and made a couple of little crochet circles. If I keep this up it's possible, maybe, I might have a t-shirt by the end of summer.


Diana Mieczan said...

I wish I could do things like that...but I bet you could ...That tee is so cute...You should really try to make it:) Kisses sweetie and how is the weather today? Its raining here for the second day:(

Silver Strands said...

The owl on the jeans skirt is SO cute!

ALFIE said...

that pillow and tank top are awesome! love these things!!

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

I love that grey shirt with the lace adorning it!

I'm actually working on a shirt now. . . Cause those tank top shirts with the lace tops are so in right now, and I thought the same thing that you did: "I could totally do that myself and have bragging rights". . . but it's harder than I thought :P Good luck with your crocheting endeavors!