sacher torte

Firstly, thank you to everyone who read my post on Friday and commented.  I feel like I should say something else more eloquent or prophetic but everything I write sounds insincere or a little false.  So instead I'll just leave it at 'thanks'.  It meant a lot.

This weekend we received a delicious (and edible) package in the mail from Vienna.   A Sacher Torte!  I had no idea you could sent foodstuff in the mail, but our little chocolate cake arrived in pristine condition.  After deciding that it was only appropriate to have our cake for breakfast on Saturday morning, Matthias and I had what turns out to be a fairly common conversation around our house.

M*: I suppose you don't want me to throw the box out?
C: No
M: And what do you think you'll do with it?
C: It's pretty, we can't throw it out
M: But what will you do with it?
C: I don't know, I'll think of something
M: We don't need it
C: But it's pretty
M: So we're keeping it?
C: Yes

*To get the full impact of this conversation you have to imagine a fairly thick Austrian accent for M.  

Turns out that I was able to find a use for it sooner than I imagined.  It's currently housing my latest paper goodies waiting for a project that I'm currently playing around with in my head.  There's also a few granny squares tucked away for something I might get finished this week.


Anonymous said...

Matthias obviously hasn't been versed in the "Bennett gene" of keeping something that could just possibly be useful....somewhere in the near future. Besides which that box is truely gorgeous and one would never dream of throwing it out. If it makes Matthias feel "normal"...Andrew would throw it out too! Glad you're on the mend xox Jenny

Diana Mieczan said...

Hahahha...my Balazs has the same conversations with me :) I didn’t know you can get it in the mail...I live so close to Vienna...How cool :) Looks yummy :)
Have a wonderful Monday, darling

Cornflake said...

What a lovely box. Wish I could eat that chocolate cake right now!! :-)

Anonymous said...

That piece of cake looks 'almost' as good as the one I enjoyed actually sitting at the Hotel Sacher - sipped with champagne. Not the run of the mill chocolate cake. How lucky to have a local to send it to you. As for the box, of course it should be kept. You just need a chest of drawers to keep such treasures in. SB

ALFIE said...

that cake looks DIVINE!!!!

Katie said...

Ha! Same conversation in this house - agree with Jenny, it's genetic. But that is SUCH a pretty box.

Stella said...

Firstly, yum! Secondly, I love that conversation! So familiar...