etsy love : ruffles and bows

I'm a bit obsessed with frills, ruffles and bows at the moment.  I'd love to be able to wear a cute summer dress with ruffles and bows, but sadly I think it would just look silly.  Or at least, I'd feel silly wearing them.  But on a bag?  On a bag, I could definitely do.  

All found on etsy.


Diana Mieczan said...

I love ruffles too and this first bag is so sweet:) Great selection:)
Kisses,darling and have a fun day!!! It's mid-week already:)

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time - ? not so long ago, I had 2 pairs of shoes - one white; the other pink; reasonably high heels, sling backs, peep toes and BIG bows across the toes. For many years forlorn in the dress-up cupboard with cries of "Oh my god - you didn't wear those!" Then just a few years later re-discovered and worn by a new generation. GO FOR IT! SB

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

I love the grey and white bag! Adorable. I know what you mean about wanting to wear it, but not necessarily feeling comfortable... but they're so cute!